Necklace DO-21-105

6,000.00 рсд

Necklace made of 29 Kukui seeds in one line.
Dark brown with transparent finish coat.

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The Kukui Nut tree was brought to Hawaii by ancient Polynesians migrating to the Hawaiian Islands. where it has become naturalized The Kukui was highly revered by ancient Hawaiians for its many uses, and became an essential part of life, providing raw materials for medicine and healing, dye, canoe-building, and most commonly, for light (both literally and spiritually). The word “kukui” means light or torch; its English name is “candlenut”
The seed of KUKUI candlenut contains about 50 percent oil. This is why it ignites and burns like a candle. Hawaiians also extracted the oil for many other uses: to shine and waterproof wooden bowls, to mix with charcoal to make black canoe paint, to burn as torches, and to burn in stone lamps for light.

Keep away from chemicals and perfumes. Cleaning with dry soft cloth.